Cathie Wood says Nvidia $NVDA+1.5% is too expensive. And yes, this lady was selling at the same time before Nvidia's 160% rally, but that's just for the record. I just saw someone mention her here recently as someone to watch in the investment sphere.

I think the Nvidia rally could very well continue, and it could be 10, 20, and even another 50% for that matter. Thoughts on NVDA's future development?

$422.22 $6.12 +1.47%
Capital Structure
Market Cap
Enterpr. Val.

Sorry, the sentence _And yes, this lady..... _ doesn't make sense without stating when and how much. I, uh...

I see the last sale on 5/25 and lots of both buys and sells before that to analyze it I don't want to, but would you know what time period the 160%rally is? And which sales were they?

To accuse Wood of selling an overvalued NVDA is a bit redundant. I even think that people who are riding the green wave right now and come across as visionaries may experience a pretty bad washout.

It is also necessary to mention that ARK buys high-risk companies, which in most cases do not earn anything and the operating profit is not expected to be there until 5-10-15 years from now. Unfortunately, these companies are not exactly made for her customers from the millennials who are on their cell phones on the way to the subway;)

Can I ask the hodlers here if any of them had NVDA stock in 2018 (-53%) and 2021 (-65%) and what was going through their minds then?

Nicely written, "millennials on the subway"😂 but as you say, well, a lot of people think you can get rich quick and that's not the case. Otherwise, for me, I'd sell it to have it in my portfolio.

Finally, I can agree with Cathie. It's really oversold now, but the market may well continue to rise as you write. It's a question, but if I'm a prudent investor, I'm really selling rather than buying $NVDA+1.5% right now.

Agreed, having it in the portfolio, great, but I'd sell. It may well still go up, but then the fall may be all the more unpleasant if someone buys ATH

It may well be, I wrote another article around it yesterday with actual news and it's booming now 🚀 but as Tomas says, I would also be careful if it's not a bit of a bubble and it will definitely be susceptible to negative news that may come from the development.

Oh yeah, just don't go through the whole portfolio there and just hope for AI.

That woman is out of her mind.

It's been a long time :-)

I think he's gonna break $400. But if we have an AI bubble here, it won't be for long.

If the hype holds up, it probably will. $400 could fall.