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A few hours ago, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a new virtual reality headset called Meta Quest 3 on his Instagram.

In terms of performance, it should be a decent step up - especially graphically. However, we'll find out more at the conference on September 27.
The price will be $500.

Here's a link to the video:

Thanks for the update.

For me it's nothing special, but the main thing is that they release something and keep on going if they believe in it.

For VR fans, consumerists probably super. From what I read, the previous model was a success. I don't have any experience myself.

What was the interest among people in the previous versions?

I've read a few review articles and it looks like Meta Quest 2 was one of the best in the industry, if not the best. So we'll see, maybe it could compete decently with the Apple one.

I think it's boring 🤷‍♂️

Seems cool to me!

I saw some reviews of the 2nd generation and it looked tempting, except for the price tag... I kind of think Apple is going to be a killer. They when they release something into the world it tends to be of the best quality compared to the competition :D But maybe this headset will be able to fully compete, we'll see.

I don't really believe it will be so good that it will compete with the Apple one 😂 maybe not even the old Steam one...

I expect Apple to roll it out, too. Anyway, healthy competition is always beneficial.