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Another reason why I'm not worried about TSMC's future despite the potential risk of conflict with China 👇

Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC said it is on track to open its first European factory in Germany and is discussing subsidies with the host country's government, the company's chairman said on Tuesday.



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TSMC, the world's largest chipmaker, is in talks with the German state of Saxony to build a manufacturing plant, or "fab," in Dresden starting in 2021.

The European Union has approved the EU Chips Act, a 43 billion-euro ($46.07 billion) subsidy plan to double chip-making capacity by 2030 in a bid to catch up with Asia and the United States.

So that's really good news if they actually open a branch in Europe eventually. I like the company too, but I left it because of the environment. Too bad, now I don't know the price, but then again maybe in 5 years it can be much higher. The initial purchase for 63$ is great! 👍

The geopolitical risk doesn't make me feel good, but it's still the largest chip maker in the world and can't stop producing. When more countries get involved." But that's not going to happen and conducted just fine👍

Great, thanks for the message. It's great that they'll have a factory somewhere other than Taiwan. If I may ask, do you have a price you would like to buy TSMC stock at ?

I don't have a set price at this time. I started building a position around $63 and have been buying in regularly ever since.

Thanks, I'm just thinking of buying a little something, but I don't know if I should shop at this price.