I'm not into cryptocurrencies, unfortunately/unfortunately.😁

However, it was interesting to follow the events around Binance.

I really only have a small amount in my crypt and on my wallet and bought elsewhere...but it's interesting anyway,how enough of them end

For example, even ftx.com, they went bankrupt

Cryptocurrencies are not my cup of tea, I have a bit of an old-fashioned view here and see mostly only the bad things.

I agree with Victor, anyone who has any value in crypto on the stock market is a fool or just a gembler who doesn't understand the asset. Otherwise, I personally don't trade cryptos and only buy lightly for long periods of time, so I buy on the Czech exchange and then it goes into my wallet. 😊

Let's look at it from this side: can you imagine what you would do if the SEC went after NDAQ or ICE or any of the brookers you use? Taking assets out of a crypto exchange/currency exchange should be a no-brainer, doing the same with stocks is virtually impossible today.

I was just trying to open an account there the other day. So I guess I'll wait on that.

I guess so 😂

I used to buy through them, but of course it's all on the wallet

I do, but only a little bit, so I don't really care.