S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,308.13 +0.09%
Nvidia NVDA $947.80 +2.49%
Tesla TSLA $174.95 -1.41%
Microsoft MSFT $425.34 +1.22%
Alphabet GOOG $178.46 +0.66%
Meta META $468.84 -0.65%
Amazon AMZN $183.54 -0.63%
Apple AAPL $191.04 +0.62%

A bit off topic from the classic stocks we cover here, but if we look at the most capitalised US companies, the top ranks are also companies like $UNH-1.4% $LLY+1.7% $PG-0.2% etc. Which according to the chart appear to be endlessly growing companies, which I admit I don't know as much about as the companies we all know like Microsoft, Apple... Do you own any of these companies that don't get talked about as much, or what do you like about them, and do you have any other picks for other stocks of this type?

Of the three, I'd probably only be interested in the $PG-0.2%, but it's too expensive.

I don't own any of the stocks mentioned yet, but I do plan to buy $PG-0.2%. It's a great company with a great focus and as Jakub writes it's stable.

These companies are great and often better than some of the leading technology companies. It's just that they're not growing as fast or as close to the mainstream. Not much is written about them and many people don't know them at all even though they may use their products daily... $PG-0.2% has pride of place in my portfolio.

I'll join the boys. $ENPH-0.8% is a great company in the industry. Recently carved out and such a good buying opportunity, it will get back to $200 this year for sure. (Not an investment recommendation). $LLY+1.7% I registered too, but it's stable which is a plus, but unfortunately that's also why I'm waiting for a cheaper buy which probably just won't happen. The $PG-0.2% as James writes, great company, good range of products. I take it as a kind of defensive company in my portfolio. 😊

Also, thanks for the tips and insight on these companies!

I'd like LLY in my portfolio, but it's still holding high. The interesting pieces are, if you're interested in photovoltaics, $ENPH-0.8%. Then Lat looks pretty interesting to me. America, where I have a bank of $NU+0.1%, that's going at a brutal pace this year. And from the pharma sector, it's like CVS, which I have.

Great, I'll check it out thanks a lot for the tips, otherwise $LLY+1.7% seems to crash very little...

I have $PG-0.2%, I like the stability and the bulletproof business model