S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,307.01 -0.27%
Tesla TSLA $180.11 -3.48%
Alphabet GOOG $178.00 -0.86%
Apple AAPL $190.90 -0.75%
Meta META $467.78 +0.68%
Nvidia NVDA $949.50 -0.46%
Microsoft MSFT $430.52 +0.34%
Amazon AMZN $183.13 -0.01%

Okay guys, I'm going to go to the market with my skin on and I want to hear your opinions. This is what my portfolio looks like after last week's edits. I'd love to hear what you have to say about selection, composition, riskiness, diversification, what you wouldn't buy for example, and conversely, what you would change or add for example?

I'm still thinking about what to do with the Palantir. I've already got it pretty much in the black, so maybe I'll sell a little bit there gradually.

Except for $PYPL-3.0%, we disagree on nothing. To me there is a lack of greater diversification across sectors, but the potential is great because of it. I might still ask myself if you manage to actively follow all these companies and understand them all, but 16 titles might be fine. If I were you I would probably gradually sell off the more profitable titles that are at high levels (Apple, AMD,...), which I don't advise of course. I did that myself and my portfolio is now more defensive.
Fingers crossed!

Thanks for the comment. You're right that 16 titles is on the edge and keeping up with them actively is challenging. For now, I'm trying to get to grips with it and prioritise the most interesting ones. As for sector diversification, I'm trying to gradually improve there and add new sectors like financials, energy, etc. As for selling profitable titles, I am also working on that and gradually selling profitable positions.

It's great that you have a plan and you're sticking to it.

If I had such a portfolio, I'd take the Nasdaq 100 straight out, which would give me huge advantages with ETFs. Add to that some banks and stuff and I'm happy. 👌

I was looking and there was just a recent Academy article about the Nasdaq:


Thanks for the article, I will read! Like you're right that Nasdaq would save me a lot of work, but I just enjoy it that way. Anyone can invest in ETFs😄

I still believe that Nasdaq $^NDX+0.0% could be the foundation around which you build a stock pick. 💪

So I have nothing against this formula either. There are some really quality stocks out there and the diversification between companies works across several sectors as well. This is a future-ready portfolio.

Great, nice work! 😊 There are companies I don't know like the globus medical one and I also looked at it like Tomas below. I have some healthy stocks but they don't really work for me yet. Here though I like the product they make. Otherwise, I guess I'll also join that mainly technology portfolio and yes, hence it can be more volatile but like you say, you want growth stocks and you can weather any downturn so why not. Personally I also have the most in big tech like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, even in Mete which not many people need but makes me a profit. 😊 So for me inspiration from you Globus Medical. Then I like that you included Starbucks, I wrote about it here a while ago and I was waiting for it to drop below $100, it might be a good buy. Then if you got a good Adobe purchase, congrats on that too. And otherwise I'm with you on the portfolio, Apple, Microsoft, Starbucks, Blizzard, Bank of America, PayPal. So for me 👍 I'm going similarly, but admittedly I also have stable stocks whether in the Reit sector or (and I don't know what to call this), $PG-0.3% $COST+0.1% stocks ...

Great that we have a similar investment style and believe in the growth potential of tech companies 😎 Massive tech companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon have really been generating interesting valuations in recent years, although there is some volatility at times.

I discovered Globus Medical recently and was intrigued by their position in spinal implants. Given the demographics, I see potential for growth, so we'll see how they fare going forward. Starbucks is a reliable dividend payer with growth potential in my opinion, so a good choice too.

Agreed, I'm taking this with big tech dips positive to buying. The Globus Medical one sounds tempting, I like the spinal implants too, I'm a sports guy and luckily I haven't experienced that, but spinal injuries are common, pretty uncomfortable and overall I'm glad when they don't just address viral, immune, heart etc diseases, but that something is also happening in the bone, joint area. And Starbucks, exactly, the petential is great, the coffee is popular and most importantly, he's already a brand and that's a draw a lot for the young.

I like your bold approach! This is a portfolio that has a chance to appreciate significantly in the coming years if you have good shopping. Of course it's riskier, but you can't make big money without courage and betting on the future. Those who take no risks make no profits. Fingers crossed that your bold strategy pays off 💪.

Thanks so much for the positive words! You're right, without courage and risk, big returns are not achievable. I am aware that this portfolio is more aggressive and can fluctuate, but I believe that if some of the companies succeed, it can be really profitable. Do you own any of the stocks mentioned too?

Yes, I've been buying Paypal recently, but otherwise Apple and Microsoft.

Too risky for my taste. Only a small percentage of reliable and proven companies. The rest are more like bets. I would recommend cutting the number of titles about in half, weeding out the riskiest ones and buying more conservative ETFs, bonds or dividend payers. The spread could be something like 70-80% reliable investments and 20-30% bets. It's purely your choice, if this composition works for you and you're in profit, then you're doing your job well.

I agree with my colleague, this is too risky a portfolio for my taste. Too many tech sectors, not enough defensive sectors. But if you have a long investment horizon and a tolerance for sharp swings, why not. Just watch out for excessive losses, I recommend having a reserve in more conservative instruments as well. Just in case. After all, we're riding a wave of optimism right now, and that's in quotes a guarantee for the performance of most portfolios, but we can wake up quickly if there's a mess with inflation or an outflow of money. Not to be all negative, I'm glad to see stocks like Monster, Starbucks and Intel, this is the most interesting pick for me in that portfolio, tech MSFT and AAPL aside.

In times of optimism and bull market it works, but in a sharp reversal I could lose a lot, I totally accept that. I am aware of the risks and try to be prepared - I monitor positions, have reserves and am willing to react quickly if necessary. Still, I give you the benefit of the doubt that it would be wise to diversify more into defensive sectors and more conservative instruments, that's my purpose in the coming weeks too. Do you have any tips on defensive stocks? I've got my eye on other farm companies and possibly Target is starting to catch my eye.

You are right that this portfolio is more on the riskier side and contains a lot of growth titles and bets. I can see how that would be too much for more conservative investors. But I personally have a fairly high risk tolerance and want to build my portfolio more on growth opportunities. Of course, I realize that the more risk I take, the greater the volatility and potential downside can be. I try to compensate for this by monitoring positions closely and being prepared to react when necessary.

The portfolio looks quite interesting. Solid selection of growth and value stocks. I'm glad to see older and larger companies like Intel or MSFT. The only one I would consider eliminating is Bank of America - too much political controversy for results. And holdings like Berkshire are more to my liking. Plus you have a lot of growth tech stocks, I would welcome more defensive titles for stability. And maybe pieces like Joby and Palantir I wouldn't hold. I was surprised by Globus Medical though, I don't even know that company.

I realize that companies like Joby or Palantir are more of a crapshoot and represent an increased risk. I'd rather not even tell you that I'm holding Carvana speculatively😂😂 Btw Globus Medical is a medical company that makes implants for spinal surgeries. I see potential in it given the aging population and the growing demand for these products and procedures.

I looked at them now and the numbers look pretty interesting. Plus YTD the stock is down over 20%, I think I'll take a look at this one. So I'll take away a stock tip from the portfolio review after all, thanks!