S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,242.26 -0.47%
Microsoft MSFT $416.85 -2.87%
Nvidia NVDA $1,119.15 -2.53%
Alphabet GOOG $173.70 -2.09%
Tesla TSLA $178.96 +1.57%
Amazon AMZN $179.17 -1.57%
Meta META $467.06 -1.54%
Apple AAPL $191.62 +0.70%

Hey, how are you guys even doing with the (DCA) overbooking these days? The indices and stocks keep going up and a few more of these up days/weeks and we have new ATH.

Are you overbought anyway or are you waiting for a correction?


S&P 500

5,242.26 -$24.70 -0.47%
Capital Structure
Market Cap
Enterpr. Val.

That's what DCA is for. Whatever the price, keep buying

I definitely don't care, I buy every month and I don't care what the price is. Of course, if the price drops significantly, I'll buy even more.

I have a standing order in the ETF, so I don't worry about anything. As for 🚀/⚰️tak even though I'm counting on continuous compounding so I'm trying to time it a bit but I still feel like it comes out the same as pure DCA 🤷‍♂️

Well that's what DCA is all about... you just shop and don't worry about it 😁

Oh yeah, I just don't want to buy near ATH when everyone else is expecting a correction :D

Exactly, this is what I like about DCA and ETFs, as I don't have to deal with it and I don't care what the price is.

I'm buying regardless of the rise or fall. Only when something is already above my price target do I gradually sell the position.

I understand, I'm successfully sticking to it so far too.

I don't care about $SPY-0.5% and I have a standing order set up there every month.

That's probably ideal, if it's the same amount every month, nothing will go wrong.

Exactly. I'm averaging up and down. It's better appreciation than a savings account...