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It's finally here! All you Intel $INTC-3.0% investors, take heart 👇

Germany will provide U.S. chipmaker Intel with a 10 billion-euro ($10.91 billion) subsidy for its planned factory in Magdeburg, a source familiar with the matter said, capping months of talks on the project that is expected to be worth around 30 billion euros.



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I was really worried that the factory wouldn't be there after all. Do you hold $INTC-3.0% stock?

Intel is awesome in my opinion and will be for a long time to come!

Great news, but honestly I'd rather invest in chips elsewhere.

Great news, but honestly I'd rather invest in chips elsewhere.

Well, that's great. I've been buying shares way down and so far "only" receiving the dividend, which is also interesting given the share price. Now it's going to be the ride.

Hopefully, he'll pick himself up again. Seems to me that the dividend cut came during the year didn't it? Or was that just a money saving consideration?

The dividend cut was and pretty drastic, but still Intel pays out nice money.

It was, but it's still a good investment for me. It's not because of the dividend.

Well, so whoever trusted them and bought at the $25 price I recorded did well. Nice news, I don't have Intel in my portfolio but just let them do well, at least there is competition and it is healthy. 😊

Here I really felt sorry for the shareholders, the company was good but it was starting to fall behind. This will hopefully get them back on their feet.

It did, who had them, even with the dividend there was something I think vid? But I didn't read it completely, because I didn't buy it, anyway, whoever trusted them even then, is surely happy now. 😊

Well done. Finally something is starting to happen with good old Intel. And besides, the deal in Germany will be Intel's third big investment in recent days, following a $4.6 billion chip factory in Poland and a $25 billion factory in Israel.

Now this is starting to look interesting. Thanks for the update.

That's right, great news. I've had Intel stock for longer and believe in their return to the top. At least it's finally showing that something is happening at Intel.