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Amazon AMZN $180.75 -0.17%

I'm starting to like this. Do you also hold shares of $PYPL+0.1%?

Investment firm KKR has agreed to buy a substantial portion, up to 40 billion euros ($43.71 billion), of PayPal's $PYPL+0.1% loans (BNPL) in Europe.



$61.64 $0.06 +0.10%
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Enterpr. Val.

PayPal shares thus rose 2% in premarket trading following news of the deal, which is expected to generate roughly $1.8 billion in gross proceeds and close in the second half of the year.

After the deal closes, PayPal intends to allocate roughly $1 billion for incremental share repurchases in 2023, adding to its updated outlook of approximately $5 billion in total share repurchases this year.

Thanks for the report, unfortunately I PayPal shopped for $208 (it was my first investment) so at least I learned my lesson. I'm still holding but I don't believe it will get back to those values.

They nicely offset the fear and decline that followed the drop in results. It's not a lost company

Great news, I'm holding $PYPL+0.1% and I trusted him even when I posted about him here about a month ago when quite a few people were writing him off. So great, I've been buying at $60 to dilute what I was holding at $77, so hopefully it will grow more. 😊 That stock buyback sounds great

Great, finally good news for PayPal. At $58, it was probably a no-brainer after all.

Well, that's great news for investors. I was thinking about buying a little bit, but unfortunately I didn't and now I'm starting to regret it.

So it looks like a solid ride today, almost 4% already 😎 I'll welcome those buybacks.

Great, so I end up regretting not buying a few pieces too. But it might not be too late, I'll check it out today.

I agree, I didn't buy either and now I regret it.

Great news for $PYPL+0.1%!!