S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,303.27 +0.12%
Nvidia NVDA $924.96 -1.97%
Tesla TSLA $177.58 +1.57%
Alphabet GOOG $177.29 +1.06%
Amazon AMZN $184.70 +0.58%
Meta META $471.91 -0.28%
Microsoft MSFT $420.21 -0.19%
Apple AAPL $189.87 +0.02%

Around 100, I'd consider buying one too.

Maybe it will get there in time:)

Hi, I'd like to ask why $100? ABBV is a quality company, I don't know what would have to happen to lose 35$ off today's price.

I agree, it seems a bit over the top to me too.

Because I have already bought and it has to make sense to me in the context of my portfolio and investment :)

So if the sentiment in the markets changes and the stock falls like a half a year back I don't see why the 100 usd can't be looked at.

Definitely, but it doesn't look like it yet :)