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Apple shares are heading for a market capitalization of 3 trillion. Citi sets target price at USD 240

US technology company Apple $AAPL+0.2% could exceed market capitalization of 3 billion today. USD. Citibank yesterday set a target price for the company at USD 240.

Apple's stock is gaining 0.6% in the pre-bull market, which would mean it will reach a record price of USD 190.80 per share. This would push the company's market capitalization over USD 3 trillion.

In early 2022, Apple's market capitalization briefly hit the $3 trillion mark. However, the title closed below this threshold. If Apple stock were to close above that threshold today, it would be a historic first for the company. The stock is already up 46% this year.



$190.29 $0.30 +0.16%
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Apple stock development

Yesterday, analyst Atif Malik of US bank Citi began covering Apple. He set a target price with a "buy" recommendation at $240, this is the highest price among analysts.

Apple shares are also trading on the RM-SYSTEM (BAAAAPL), gaining 0.83% to US$4091.50.

It's a blast and I believe the $240 is not a question of "If?" but "When?"... I myself have over 100% profit on Apple right now and I'm thinking of making my first sale ever... I just want to jump back in and I don't see any reason in the foreseeable future to make the stock significantly cheaper to make this trade worthwhile... so I'm in a bit of a pinch right now :)
Do you guys happen to know where the ceiling is? :-D

I believe it too, but I understand the "fear" honestly with Apple, I mainly overbuy and I'm not thinking of realizing my profit anytime soon.
I wish we all knew the ceiling😁

Are you still buying now, in the last few weeks, as we move ATH?

Great news for Apple and for us fans and users, well, more like investors though, users just consume their prices no. 😂 But they deserve it and I'm holding out. I won't be overbuying though, I don't want to spoil the average yet. Rather, I'm just thinking about some trader with a $200 target.

For me probably the most reasonable solution, we think about it the same way, I like that we always agree 99% of the time at Apple😂

It does, so it's a favorite company for both of us. I'll see what happens on Monday, but I'll probably try to trade it on Monday, probably X5 and take profit when it reaches $200. It's certainly not a recommendation, the price could go the other way, but with Apple I just believe it will get there. Otherwise, I'm holding a long term position with a lower buy. 😊