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What do you think of the AMD $AMD-4.2% results?

Bulios Flash News: Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) reported better-than-expected second quarter results. Earnings per share came in at $0.58, up from the estimated $0.57. Revenue fell 18% year-over-year to $5.4 billion, but still beat expectations of $5.32 billion.

Additionally, AMD CEO Lisa Su said "It's clear that AI represents a multi-billion dollar opportunity for AMD. "

I'm honestly surprised. Because the mines just aren't good yet, they're still going down, and that's where the other things are coming from, plus their P/E? ... like it's great, I wish them well and it pisses me off that I didn't buy. Plus the opportunity in India is great! ... they're different companies, but if I take $SBUX-1.1% for example which also had results yesterday and vice versa, the share price went down and a bit, even though their earnings are growing due to how the world is already open after Covid.

So with SBUX there were a few flaws. For example, sales growth in stores was 10%, but fell short of estimates of 11%. North American growth was 7% versus the expected 8.4%. With AMD, you have something of a promise that they're going to turn over big bucks, AI, next-gen chips.

It did, I read that the sales estimate was a bit behind expectations, but the show is a nice improvement from previous years. 😊 To Amd, I agree, it's great and if they get all that promise right, we can expect even more growth.