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Shares of $PYPL-0.2% are down as much as 7% in extended trading. The company reported missed operating margin estimates of 21.4%, estimate of 22%. Conversely, the company's revenue was slightly above analysts' estimates, coming in at $7.29 billion versus $7.27 billion. Earnings per share were also higher than expected at $1.16 versus $1.15.



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The company's stock peaked during the Covid era when its price was at $308, since then the stock price has been steadily declining. The stock found its bottom at $58.95.

Do you see an opportunity for this company in the future and are you buying at such low prices? Or are you waiting for an even lower price?

For me, $PYPL-0.2% is an interesting opportunity at current prices.

I already looked at the company and did some analysis but then I forgot about this company, so thanks for reminding me :). Around that $60 I would probably think about buying it.

I would reconsider the purchase after such a drop.

Unfortunately with the results, I'm rather annoyed that as I'm looking at big tech this week, plus the US downgrade is probably the main news I would say, so I missed this and although I have $PYPL-0.2% as well, I dare say it was a bit expected, not so bad results, but worse yes, plus the loss of users and the change of CEO, these are big events to be uncertain about. I did today although an investor is not supposed to do that when not a trader, so closed a position against, hence short. I think we will see more below. My guess at about $60, so I figure I just need to go down another $2-3 and cover my loss from the drop, then I'm out.

I would like to learn trading too, I'm just at the beginning. It's a lot of stuff and I need a personal coach, like in some sport.

I have it the same way and I can't trade either, that's why I don't do it much yet, only rarely when I see a real chance, jj a coach would be the best. Well in sports I would recommend you myself, I coached people for 8 years, but in investments I am also looking there. 😁

Around the $60 mark, I think it was a steal. I'm a little sorry to see it go, but I don't mind. I have a tiny position in $PYPL-0.2%, so I'm waiting for us to go higher.

I have a small position too, unfortunately I was buying during the Covid days 😅 So I have learned to live with red numbers on $PYPL-0.2%. I was quite surprised by the market reaction to the results, I didn't expect the operating margin even by a fraction to have such an impact on the company.

I still see that their active users have dropped again. I don't like that at all and maybe that was one of the reasons for the drop.
I guess we won't be able to see the covid level any time soon... I've got a $79 entry... It was one of my first investments just because of the Paypal I knew. 😁