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It's been a few weeks again since our last update on the AI GPT managed investment portfolio so let's see how it's doing in these tough times.

As of July 31, the portfolio attributes an (unrealized) gain of 8.7%, i.e. a nice $4348.53 in capital, which is still below the S&P500 gain for the same period but for a robot that is just getting its feet wet, I think it's a solid number.

In any case, 40,155 investors are already following his moves, "copying" the trades en masse with a total pool of $32,419,639.29.

And that's just the beginning...

That's very nice. As you write, the robot is just at the beginning and just getting the hang of it and the results are very decent and I am very interested to see how it will fare going forward and in any downturns. I'll definitely appreciate some updates :)

Yes, I'm watching him closely! :-D

I would say the best way to know how the bot will perform is once the market starts to fall. As Tomas writes, everyone is probably making money right now. I would expect that GPT could lose less than the SP500 if conservative stock-picking goes.

I agree that the bread will be broken when there are some downturns... but if the whole market goes down, so will the bot... it can at most mitigate the losses but again I don't expect it to be a god :)

I agree, it's true that everyone is making money now and it remains to be seen how this bot will fare in some downturns.

You're right, it gets really interesting in the dips. Or I wonder when he'll deem the right time to sell the investment.

He always does weekly deals. Different stocks every week, so it works a little differently :)

He always does weekly deals. Different stocks every week, so it works a little differently :)

This year, everyone is making money.

You haven't seen my portfolio yet... :-D

So I smiled at that with a tear in my eye 😂😭