S&P 500 ^GSPC
Nvidia NVDA
Amazon AMZN
Apple AAPL
Alphabet GOOG
Microsoft MSFT
Tesla TSLA

Cool, I also recently purchased $PFE+1.7%. Now I'm wondering whether to buy the $PYPL+0.0% one.

Why are you going to sell off MMM?

I really don't like the situation and I think the company will lose some lawsuits and the fines won't be small. Of course, as I write, I'm only selling off a portion.

I get it :)

I've been holding back lately. I would probably mention $MMM+0.3% and $CVS+1.5%. I mainly buy when the markets are falling and that hasn't happened much this year. So far :)

That is, despite the current situation in which 3M is buying them, am I understanding correctly?

Yes. I believe all the cases will be resolved in the courts. The last few weeks have been good for the stock. Sure, they'll pay a few fines, but nothing worse should come of it. It's still a company, with super profits and a portfolio of products.

I bought ASML, Disney and Pfizer. I am satisfied :-)

Great, I was also buying $PFE+1.7%, currently this stock is at a very nice price.

I also overbought $SPY-0.4%, $CVS+1.5% if it still dips then when I would buy, great company but I got the average at a lower price. Otherwise, I rather caught a trade this week, on $SBUX+0.5%, then yesterday I bought $AMZN-1.9%. (I'm holding long term, but yesterday I also bought on a trade because I'm counting on today's surge after the open). Oh, and the day after earnings, I bought $AMD-3.9% in the dip. Next I'm watching $O+1.8% which is also my favorite and if it gets below 58, I'm overbought again.

Great, $O+1.8% would like to buy in, however the stock would have to get lower.