Active ExxonMobil($XOM-0.5%) board member Jeffrey W. Ubben made 2 trades earlier this week, buying a total of 650,000 shares of $XOM-0.5% stock. That's an amount worth over $69 million. That's a lot of money, don't you think? 😉

Jeffrey W. Ubben is a respected portfolio manager and co-founder of ValueAct Capital, a hedge fund that has beaten the SP500 index over the long term.
I may yet rethink that $XOM-0.5%.

How much weight do you put on insider trading in your investing?

Now that's a decent purchase and a decent bat :D. I'll have to check out that $XOM-0.5%.

I'm holding and for me super information, of course one doesn't know these insider trader what exactly is yet, but if he was expecting something bad he probably wouldn't buy it if I take common sense. 😂

It's still his money, and given his total assets, which are also obviously inaccurate, it should be a large sum. Regardless of how much I have, I wouldn't waste the money as you write. 😁 I'll probably shop tomorrow.

I'll wait until tomorrow, Tuesday, those Mondays seem kind of slower after the weekend before it gets going, news comes in and stuff, but today the price went down a little bit, that's for sure.