I have $BTI+0.3% in my portfolio and probably plan to buy some more ETFs.

Which ones are you choosing between, or don't you know yet?

I don't quite know yet, but I suspect the FTSE100 as one possibility.

I'll take the whole FTSE 100 ETF.

Historical performance is not quite SP500, but it's certainly not bad. Especially if one doesn't want to spend that much time on the UK.

I got it for the dividends. The yield is normally ~4%. Specifically, I have $VUKE.

I have a UK ETF and may even buy in, depending on how it falls out eventually. The $BTI+0.3% so that's classic from there, but I'm already buying quite down there so I'll see. The $SHEL+0.3% is not bad to contemplate, I had it for a few months and it made me money but then I sold and moved it to $XOM+0.1%

Oh, so I'm choosing between those two. $XOM+0.1% or $SHEL+0.3%. I'll probably end up going with Exxon too, mainly because of the lower debt, but both companies look great.

Yes, they look it, but as I said, XOM has lower debt and I think a better dividend. 😊