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Given the tech stock prices, I've started looking more at dividend titles and "sure" stocks at fine prices to buy into, but what still seems like a pretty decent price to me is the $BTCUSD+0.0% price, how do you see it, do you buy bitcoin in the current situation, or do you not trust this technology and keep your hands off? Thanks for your perspectives.


Bitcoin USD

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I am currently building a portfolio with stocks and ETFs, but I definitely plan to own part or all of the cryptocurrency in the future. If I had to make a decision now, I would buy some BTC and I'm still fine with the 25-30k.

I agree. :)

Under that 30k it's still acceptable for me to buy.

That makes two of us.

I also think the price is still good. Maybe not anytime soon, but someday it will be completely different. I have ±15% of my portfolio in it too, but I'm not adding more.

So we have a similar situation, I'd like to increase my position by a few percent.

The price is fine now, I was shopping last week. I like bitcoin.

I agree, I like it too.