S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,071.63 +0.02%
Tesla TSLA $162.13 +12.06%
Nvidia NVDA $796.77 -3.33%
Amazon AMZN $176.59 -1.64%
Apple AAPL $169.02 +1.27%
Alphabet GOOG $161.10 +0.74%
Meta META $493.50 -0.52%
Microsoft MSFT $409.06 +0.37%

Do you own any stocks in the gaming sector? I like there $SONY+1.1% $EA+0.8% and some others, how do you feel about that sector and do you own any gaming company titles?



$82.71 $0.90 +1.10%

$SONY+1.1% is a great pick and I would love to have a stock from this sector included in my portfolio. However, I also like $MSFT+0.4% and $ATVI+0.1%. I don't even really know what the status of the $ATVI+0.1% acquisition is right now.

I won't tell you more than that it is still ongoing and the end is in sight, because I don't have any more information. :D

Yeah I get it, I guess that's good enough for me :D

I as a former gamer was looking for something but all the publicly traded ones don't make sense to me now... a lot of companies just annoy me... the one that makes the most sense to me in the end is $MSFT+0.4%:-D

That's right, $MSFT+0.4% makes sense in this industry too.

Which is such a paradox and 4-5 years ago something quite unthinkable...

So 2 months ago I was considering Ubisoft, but in the end it didn't work out. I came across a video game studio earlier that focused on mobile games, the stock looked interesting but unfortunately I can't remember the name.

I understand why Ubisoft dropped out?

Correction: it was Unity. It was Unity. Perhaps Ubisoft has an anticipated game coming out now, do you know anything more about it?

I follow$EA+0.8% but otherwise I have $ATVI+0.1% because it is also the most popular of this sector for me and I trust it the most. 😊

$ATVI+0.1% is cool too, do you happen to know what's going on with the Microsoft acquisition?

I think it's still pending in the UK, first they rejected it there, then it went somewhere in the US, but the rejection was thrown off the table there, now it's somewhere on European soil and sometime later this month or September we should know, but I'm writing off the top of my head now, I haven't looked and it's been a few weeks since I read it, so don't take it literally. 😊