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So friends, let's take a guess today, how will the CPI in the US turn out? 😁

A report we are all waiting for and will be watching closely to see what it does to the market. I've noted a few musings on the net since this morning. The first, and the one I fear more coming true, is an increase in CPI from 3% where we have it now to 3.2-3.3%. On the other hand, this is said to be the slowest increase in consumer prices since March 2021.

What I find very surprising and amusing is the opinion of investment strategist Tom Lee of Fundstrat that after last weeks short-term sell-off in the stock market due to poor seasonality in the month of August, combined with a combination of sell signals, today's CPI result could start a decent rally in the market. As the results should reinforce the idea of the Fed ending the rate hike cycle.

How do you see it? 😊

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At the moment, I don't expect any higher volatility in response to this CPI.

Oh, so I'm kind of waiting for it, it's been going down quite a bit the last few days, I'm taking the Nasdaq perspective now, I know it was mainly the downgrade and then the banks outlook. Plus, what are we going to think, the big tech sector is shot and so there is probably profit taking going on, but I'm still wondering and looking at the charts now for a possible place we could still go in a potential downturn. 😊 (not trying to time the market though, can't do that, just speculating). 😁