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$PYPL+2.0% is a stock that I have been following for a very long time, but I still haven't decided to buy, even though it seems like a good investment in the current situation. Moreover, it is retracking its lows again. We haven't had a discussion about this company here for a long time, how do you see it? Is it a buy at the moment?



$64.43 $1.24 +1.96%

I don't have that much experience with this service, but I was under the impression that their direct competitor is not V, MA or AAPL where you need a bank account to make payments. SQ and PYPL allow you to make payments without a credit card and account.

You're probably right about that, but I'd say in the future, these companies are going to let him down in exactly what he does.

How am I supposed to imagine that? Will they no longer need credit cards to settle bank payments? Everyone will have an account or accounts won't be needed? Currently about 1.7bn people are unbanked and less than 0.5bn use PayPal.

I've stirred up discussions about him a few times, most recently with his stablecoin plan. Unfortunately, even though I'm invested in it and hoping for growth, I'm rather afraid that I mentioned it a while ago when I went into it and I have to agree with the opinions already expressed here. It has a lot of competition, personally I also never pay with it, I use Apple pay and basically don't find much of any extra steps to any stunt going on. But yes, that stablecoin thing, that's very tricky, it could be a hit because there are a lot of places that pay with crypto, but it's also very, very risky and could bring them to their knees ... so I would hold off here and just watch it. Unfortunately, I'm somewhere around $25 minus overall here and to get a return on my investment I'd need to grow somewhere around $70.

I feel that way too, I agree completely and thanks for the opinion.

Paypal is quite a dinosaur for me nowadays, it's dominated by other giants and I don't think it will ever attack its highs. For me, definitely not a longer term investment...

I understand, I'm starting to change my mind after discussing it with you.

It's up to everyone of course... But for me Paypal is just not a no no better to buy something else whether financial sector or maybe something else you believe in. :)

I think we'll go a little lower. I'll start buying below $60, I want some margin of safety, although I already think it would make sense.

Why do you expect that?

Mostly because of bad sentiment. There is support around the $60 mark, but the question remains whether it will hold.

I heard that banks have been advised to stop doing business with PayPal because of its crypto.