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Guys, what was the worst investment you've made in your investing career? I mean, the biggest realized or paper loss. I'll go out on a limb and say that mine was an investment in $META+0.1% which I sold at about -50% (but luckily I got out fairly early at the time and transferred the money to a company that made even more) :D So, what's gone wrong on your investment journey? :)

Since I started investing recently, luckily nothing like this has happened to me yet :). I'm trying to invest really long term and don't want to sell too much. However, I'm sure those losses and bad investments are still to come.

We all do, sometimes some of us get better and more and some less, that's about it. :)

I speculatively tried Wish. Only $70 :-)

How much did your position subsequently fall?

Well over 90%. I didn't sell, and I don't think I can sell it to Alenahora anymore.

$TSP-5.7%, it was more of a speculation and a small position. I put more weight on significant partnerships rather than numbers, but that wasn't all.

Yeah, well, at least it's a larger sum.

$TTCF-24.8%... Tragedy. It was one of my first purchases, but fortunately only for pennies. (-80%)

Realized loss? :)

Only $16.