Tyson Foods($TSN+3.3%) wants to sell its Chinese poultry business

US meat processing and frozen food company Tyson Foods plans to sell its Chinese poultry business. This was reported by Reuters.

$TSN+3.3% has four research and development centers, several processing plants and dozens of breeding farms in China. It has been operating in the country's entire poultry sector, from breeding and slaughtering to processing and distribution, since 2001.

In June, the company started operations at a new frozen and cooked food processing plant in Xiaogan, central China. In the same month, it also opened a factory for processed foods such as cooked chicken and pre-cooked Chinese food in Nantong city in eastern China.

The reasons why $TSN+3.3% wants to sell its Chinese poultry business are not known. Analysts say it could be due to factors such as declining demand for poultry in China due to the COVID-19 pandemic, rising feed prices due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and increasing competition from local producers.

Selling this business could help reduce debt and focus on its core markets in the US and Europe.

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Well, that's interesting news. If this helps reduce the company's debt and the company focuses on its core markets, that's great. I have this stock on my watchlist and will continue to follow it.

I'd welcome that $50 again.

That makes two of us :). If the price gets below 50$, I would think about buying it.

Interesting, but this way it doesn't tell me much if I don't know what the production is there and what the sales are in China. But it obviously makes sense for the company and they can make better use of the money from the sales.

If it goes towards reducing debt and expanding their business to better locations, I'm not opposed, the company is on my watchlist.

To form some idea, I'll tell you the data from 2022. China's revenue was $1.1 billion compared to total revenue, which was $47 billion... So some 2%.
In China, it's hard to grab a piece of the pie in this business because of the high competition.