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I would like to include some automotive company stocks in my portfolio, but I don't really understand the sector and it's a sector I need to find out more about. However, I'm trying to follow it somehow and so far I think I like the stocks $VWA.BR+0.4%, P911, $TSLA-2.0% and $NIO-7.8% the most.

Investors, which auto stocks are in your portfolio and why? Alternatively, you can vote in the poll.

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Wow, is $NIO-7.8% more in the bag than $TSLA-2.0%? Is it just us, Czech investors or is it really this popular stock worldwide? :D

Worldwide, don't dig in and buy! :-D


When I still can't get over China... :D

So I bought a couple of $VOW3.DE even though their corporate bureaucracy irritates me so I'm expecting an announcement about advances in batteries that will kick them up a notch. I have a pretty big position in QS but their relationship with VW worries me a bit. There is a not insignificant possibility of VW skimming the cream and QS facing high costs and further dilution. So in the short term VW could grow more.

So this may be very interesting if they are expecting advances in batteries. I'm considering them too, because again I like how many brands they represent in them and now this information from you with the batteries. 🤔

Google VW Power Company. It's in its infancy, but I think it's their last chance. If they take it 🤷‍♂️

Can I ask what attracts you to automotive? For me, it's an uninvestable sector and I'm glad I only speculatively tried it out thanks to a very good bargain pandemic buy and I'm not going back there ever again.

It seems to me that these car companies can still move forward and if a car company succeeds significantly with electric cars now, it could be very successful. Of course, it's possible that this is bullshit and I'll get burned on it. But even if I get burned, I'll be glad for it. If I bought any car company stock, I'd be buying for small money anyway.

First of all, I have absolutely no understanding of cars, so take that with a grain of salt. But I see this industry as very competitive, where there is not much room for innovation and moat, so there are low margins, strong unions. Against this go high costs and debt, sensitivity to eco cycles, strict regulations and litigation risks, frequent recalls of entire series due to a wide range of defects. Particularly recently there is a very negative sentiment about sustainability, with various societies getting under your wheels, going round car parks at night with a screwdriver and pushing for the car to be a rare commodity available to a minimum of people. After some time I've come to the conclusion that it's not at all necessary to have every possible industry in my portfolio just to build a private index, I just need quality dominant businesses that will grow consistently and at least be fairly priced. Once in a while there is a period when the markets are in a panic and then you can get even the best companies at a discount and you can avoid all sorts of value traps.

For example, I invest in it because I enjoy the automotive industry so much. I like to follow all kinds of news from the world of cars, although I don't understand cars from the technical side. I don't think it matters that much. I'll follow the sector whether I'm invested or not.

So far NIO is leading, cool, I didn't expect that :) but it makes sense to me. If I wanted to buy something more traditional, I'd go for a Porsche :)

I didn't expect it either :). Otherwise, I like Porsche the most so far.

Still, $RACE-2.4% is definitely a good candidate...

Filip said it perfectly, a blast! Otherwise for me I just have the same thing, I don't understand cars and I was also looking for an opinion here some time ago and it came out well on just that $VWA.BR+0.4% and I think Toyota too, in the end I still don't have a car company because I just don't understand it, but I follow the companies you listed and what I like about that VW is how many other brands it incorporates.

Exactly, Philip put it perfectly. Otherwise, I'm glad I don't understand it myself :D

😂 don't worry, there are not many guys like that, but I never had a relationship with cars, it's just a car for me to get from A to B.

Philip wrote it very well. I lean more towards the more traditional ones. Volkswagen has some problems, but I still trust it. I think it's the best value for money. Porsche is doing very well. I'd say nothing will go wrong if they continue in the same vein.

Great, I agree. So maybe I'll add one newer one and one more traditional one to my portfolio :)

For me $TSLA-2.0% $NIO-7.8%, an investment in the future simply. :)

I agree, these companies will do very well in the future :D

It would be nice ;)