S&P 500 ^GSPC 4,976.31 +0.18%
Tesla TSLA $140.10 -4.72%
Nvidia NVDA $778.39 +2.15%
Meta META $475.20 -1.22%
Microsoft MSFT $396.44 -0.67%
Amazon AMZN $174.79 +0.09%
Alphabet GOOG $155.85 +0.08%
Apple AAPL $165.04 +0.03%

The Walt Disney $DIS-0.6% has dropped again, taking the company to a 3 year low!



$111.99 -$0.62 -0.55%

The company is going through changes and its returning ceo Bob Iger is trying, however the company is not having an easy time in the competitive streaming environment and on top of that their theme parks are also not generating the numbers they were before the Covid pandemic. They are also trying to push their plan and following the example of other companies, they are looking to raise up to $5.5 billion in annual savings.

But what struck me today when I noticed the drop and did a little bit of paddling is that one of the possible steps to even attract more investors who are now embarrassed with this company is to reinstate the dividend. They last paid them out at the end of 2019, then suspended them to prepare for the impact of the crisis. However, there were a few rumblings in early February this year that Disney would like to resume at least part of the dividend by the end of 2023. The payout should be 2x a year, but I can't find anywhere yet how much that should be. It's not going to be a big deal in my opinion.

So it seems to me pretty much at odds with trying to save where we can, but on the other hand it may be a ploy to attract more investors. How would you see this move? 😊

Investors will probably be attracted, but the company will probably not be happy. The stock is dropping nicely and I'll probably overbought again😁.
Thanks for the info.

I've been overbuying too, they have a lower estimate even lower, but I'll trust them, it's just a company with a great history, I don't believe the famous mouse will end.😁

I also hope and believe that the company will start to thrive in the future :D

I would rather see buybacks than a dividend here. I'm waiting patiently. I really believe it will go even lower.

Agreed, me too, that could help with the price very nicely.

The downturn is here and with it another low. Well, I don't know when it's gonna stop. It's getting a little overdone.

Unfortunately yes, I'm now at a broker where I so even some analysts' estimate has dropped to a lower price of around $76, but that's not at all indicative. Unfortunately until they just improve the content it probably won't get better, plus also the parks well I don't know if in this day and age where just what we're going to get, it used to be top, people went there, kids loved it and parents saved for years to make the dream come true. Nowadays everyone sits behind monitors more and the times are different and I personally feel that Disney doesn't quite know how to walk in it. And Netflix is a very tough competitor that just what we'll, has content so far that pulls more. But I still hold loyalty to it and hopefully it will recover.

On TradingView, the lowest estimates are as low as $65, but the highest is $146. We'll have to wait and see who's right.

I don't know if this is purely a subjective feeling, but it seems to me that Disney has a big problem with the creative side of things. The brands they've bought over the years have much more potential. Marvel for me is a completely ruined franchise, Pixar has also slowed down quite a bit, and SW my biggest heartthrob is also a shadow of its post-flood glory. Unless they find a way to produce quality content for reasonable money it's not going to end well.

Agreed, I personally don't even have a paid stream of them and only occasionally see them at my girlfriend's place, so for the last year I've only been entertained by Mandalarion and otherwise what Marvel stuff they have on there isn't that great, not even the StarWars themed ones. Of course it comes down to a person's taste but I read somewhere earlier that even they themselves aren't happy with what views it has. Like if they don't improve on the content, I'm kinda starting to worry about their future too.