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Investors, how do you currently approach investing in stocks and ETFs ?

I am currently trying to accumulate cash so that I can buy stocks when they fall significantly. Otherwise, I have not been buying tech stocks at all lately and am trying to add value and dividend stocks like $CVS-1.6%, $MO-0.9%, or maybe $O-0.4%. Otherwise, I regularly overbought the SP500 and NADAQ100.

You can vote in the poll what "strategy" you have been following the most lately.

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Buying ETFs is like putting on clean socks in the morning... classic :) I am accumulating and will gradually pour cash into the market and into individual titles.

Exactly :D


Haven't made many purchases lately, but I don't count DCA in the ETF. So far it's growing, no need to overbuy😀

Great, I can see it forming, of course I will occasionally buy some shares😁. Not all stocks have been rising lately.

Yeah, maybe the $DIS-2.7% is still crashing😅

Etf I'm going DCA, so I'm still:D stocks as which, but I'm trying to accumulate cash on purpose only for buying property:)

Great, when I'm older and have more income I'd definitely like to buy property :D

So it is possible to start with little:) just 10% of the price of nrmovizosti and the rest of the hypo

I try to keep some reasonable amount of cash on hand, but it can be challenging at times to not buy in bulk. 😁

I understand that and I also have a problem with it sometimes😁.

I don't hold cash, I invest as soon as I have sufficient income. I consider assets that can be sold quickly if needed to be a substitute for cash. (stocks after meeting a time test, for example)

Yeah, I get it :D

I think better than cash is the iShares USD Treasury Bond 0-1yr UCITS ETF (Acc)

Sure, I understand, but it's nice to have that cash ready if a stock falls significantly.

It is not a problem to sell it at any time, the spread is small and there are no fees on XTB.

I'm saving now but I plan on buying Disney for sure and was thinking about reits like $VICI-0.9% maybe $O-0.4% and others I've already bought and will still be at a good price. Obviously these aren't the only two now Apple falls to us if it falls to a reasonable price why not go for it we'll see what happens no.

I see it much the same way. I recently bought $O-0.4% and $VICI-0.9%. Otherwise, when the share price of $AAPL+0.9% goes down significantly, I would definitely overbought as well😁.

I'd be thinking around 150 by now :D

I'm trying not to buy tech, and I'm more likely to open new positions... most recently $CVS-1.6%, now I'm thinking about $DIS-2.7%:)

Yeah, I get it. I'm also thinking of buying $DIS-2.7%.

Now is probably a really good time... in the spring they will start working with Apple and that could give them a kick start :)