Is $SOFI+1.7% a lucrative investment for any of you, or do you even have $SOFI+1.7% stock in your portfolio ? Why do you like this company or just the opposite ? Thanks for your opinions ;)

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It's probably an interesting company, but I don't have shares of this company in my portfolio and probably don't want to.

Why wouldn't you take her in your portfolio?

It's probably too big a risk for me. I like the security and stability :D

The company has an interesting product, but I don't like the stock. They're still losing money and the stock price is already falling again. Before 95% of all revenue is from the US. If they expand, it will cost more money, which the company doesn't have yet...

You're right, the company is very much intent on only one market.

Today my alert went off for $7.7, but I haven't done anything yet. I'm not good at these technical analyses, so it's hard to look for a stopping point. Maybe someone can give me some advice. Fundamentally it makes sense to me, at least for the long term. It's about to flip into profitability.

Flipping into profitability could shoot the stock up, and possibly later inclusion in the SNP 500

That's right - good point. The inclusion of the SP500 would also do its job.