The S&P 493 index, the S&P 500 index excluding the 7 largest technology stocks, is up just 4% this year. $SPY+0.1%

While the S&P 7, also known as the 7 largest companies in the S&P 500, rose 52%.

Taken together, the S&P 500 index as a whole is up 13% this year.

The seven largest stocks in the S&P 500 now account for a whopping 34% of the value of the entire index.

Without these 7 stocks, the S&P 500 Index is essentially FAT and almost unchanged this year.

What happens if the AI excitement and hype around it fades?

Judging by $META'+1.3% s latest event, the AI hype is far from over, it's about time.

Yes, it is.

It's interesting and sometimes it scares me a little. However, I know that these are quality companies and their stocks have been going up for a long time and they have been pulling up the index for a long time.

It scares me sometimes too, but hold on, it's always been the giants that have pulled the SNP the most, so we'll have to put up with it. :)

Exactly, and it makes sense too, so in the end I'm always calm again :)

The big companies are still on top and for example $AAPL+0.3% has looked at all new highs. I'm curious if anything will ever replace them and what it will be.

Personally, I think they'll still be in the limelight.