S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,071.63 +0.02%
Tesla TSLA $162.13 +12.06%
Nvidia NVDA $796.77 -3.33%
Amazon AMZN $176.59 -1.64%
Apple AAPL $169.02 +1.27%
Alphabet GOOG $161.10 +0.74%
Meta META $493.50 -0.52%
Microsoft MSFT $409.06 +0.37%

How do you feel about the giant Blackrock $BLK-0.5%? A company that has an incredible amount of money under its belt and ranks among some of the most influential companies in the world. Is their stock a good buying opportunity at the current price?

$762.80 -$3.82 -0.50%

I know about this company, but I haven't thought of it as an investment. The chart looks nice and I will probably take a closer look at this company. Thanks for the tip :)

A company that practically controls the modern world is probably never expensive. No, of course it's an interesting stock, but it needs to be looked at with analysis.

Exactly, its size is without a doubt, but even so it is better to look closer at its price so that it can lie quietly for years. 😊

I would say BLK is not so much about ESG. They're just trying to sell their ETFs and if there is/was a trend to restrict fossil fuels, they'll make you a fund for it and lobby for it. But it doesn't necessarily mean at all that when investors realise they won't make much money from it, something else will be in demand again and BLK will be happy to provide it;)

Well I guess it looks like that, But since I haven't been doing much about it for the last year I googled the latest developments https://fortune.com/2023/09/13/blackrock-vanguard-were-once-esg-reversing-course-finance-bob-rubin/amp/

From the looks of it, it looks like it's time to sharpen the edges and the ESG term has been abandoned as too politicized. We'll see what it evolves into however ESG has become a powerful institution in the meantime and virtually 100% of younger educated people support this thinking. The paradox is that the impression of the public debate is confrontational. When this confrontation is provoked by essentially bipartisan groups of extremists. In reality, there is no conflict in this regard. Those who have the influence of "money" as well as BlackRock have already made up their minds. Because they all agree that the future is stakeholder capitalism. Because the ultimate stakeholder is the US. And whatever they call it and define it, companies that don't follow it will most likely not exist in about 30 years.

A good company strongly oriented towards promoting sustainable development. Even to the point of being a problem in Republican states in the US. It was written about last year


Well, BlackRock held up just fine. I got the conservative part of my ETF portfolio from them - S&P500 , Clean Energy, and RoboticAutomatic. Investing directly in the parent company hasn't crossed my mind, but I'll look into it thanks 🙂 I like the long-term growth, stability, and ESG focus

I've been eyeing them too and as others have written, very interesting company, but the price, I don't know I don't have any fair price estimate yet. What are your numbers that you would like to purchase?

I've got it in my portfolio, but I don't want to increase the purchase price. :(

Great, what's your average purchase? 😊

I'd like to know.

I honestly like this company a lot. The current price seems fair to me.

I agree with you.