One of the top two of the top 10% has $BTI-0.1%. Aside from the fact that I'm completely out of touch with the product, I'm wondering about the future of the tobacco industry. The ever increasing tax in some countries has driven the prices up so much that some customers have just given up. So is the future of tobacco companies in electronic cigarettes or something else entirely?

I think the sector is very stable and companies have found that normal cigarettes are not working so well so they are switching to other products such as electric cigarettes, which young people are buying, and I think tobacco companies will continue to do well. Otherwise, I have $BTI-0.1% stock in my portfolio and the dividend is great :D

Super thanks

You're welcome :D

Just with how many people I see in my age range (18-20) that smoke I think the tobacco industry will never end, it is possible that there will be more demand for electronic cigarettes because they smell good. I believe that even normal cigarettes will still be used. $BTI-0.1% is a quality company in my opinion, even better than $MO+0.5%, but we will see how the tobacco industry handles it.

Nobody smokes around me right now:D but that's just my social bubble.

In high school it's a classic, I'm a non-smoker, but many times even school drives youngsters to cigarettes.

Those taxes have been depressing prices for many years, yet the tobacco companies keep their margins high. That's the bottom line for shareholders. If smokers find cigarettes too expensive, they will choose another way to get nicotine into their bodies.

That's probably true, chewing gum and other products

Where perhaps $BTI-0.1% will also take its share of the pie... I believe so!