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Shares of $WBD-0.7% are down over 60% in the last 5 years and down over 14% in the last year. When I looked more closely at this company, I didn't even find it as bad as some investors claim. However, I don't think I want to invest in it and prefer $DIS+0.0% stock .

What is your opinion on this company and do you have shares of this company in your portfolio?

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I also have a Dis dwbd I wouldn't go now.

You wouldn't go for the price?

Because of the fact that it doesn't seem like a good investment overall

I'm invested and I'm betting on a successful restructuring, capable and passionate management and a well-connected product portfolio. The valuation also makes it look the best of the segment... I have to buy in.

Great, I totally agree :)

I have both 😎

Great :)

As others write here, it's probably hard to say which content is better, $DIS+0.0% I believe I have in my portfolio and while it will probably take time, they will certainly get to that hundred well and $WBD-0.7% I have successful titles as well. I have a little bit invested there, but as the sector picks up, I'll only keep one of these options then and I'll decide when the situation comes.

Great, I see it the same way and have the same approach :)

For me, it is "dead" compared to the competition. Let's put the numbers aside for now, when we look at the content, I don't think any of us can name 5 blockbusters from WBD in recent times. To me Disney is more attractive in this, not that they are releasing god knows what content, but they are expanding their presence in many markets, they have a presence in sports broadcasting + theme parks.

I think the quality of the content is quite difficult to judge, but when I consider the Emmy awards/nominations this year, the HBO series with the most nominations are The Power Struggle (27) and The Last of Us (24) and White Lotus (23), other recent TV pieces I consider to be of high quality: Euphoria and Mare from Easttown, Dune, The Batman, Elvis, Air, Barbie, King Richard, as a bonus the success of Hogwarts Legacy which has made about 1.3 billion USD to date.

In addition, HBO has gained a good diversified content focus thanks to its merger with Discovery (full list https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_assets_owned_by_Warner_Bros._Discovery).

It will take some time to see how many platforms can be profitable in the long term and WBD is definitely one of them. All they have to do is delete some of the debt and start increasing EPS through share buybacks and the share price will respond.

Great, I fully agree and see it similarly and thank you for the new info.

It's true that the company has been underperforming for a long time and the stock has been falling, but I see the potential there now and the stock could start to rise again and the company could start to do well.