This week is going to be big, there is a lot of it, but most of all I am waiting for info around $ENPH+2.6% where it has already fallen quite a lot and where I am quite invested, so I wonder what the next drop will be, which I rather expect, but hopefully not so big.

Let's see. If the stock is about to fall and most people here are writing about it, I'll take a look at the company :)

Look, it's top in solar panels, it's just that the industry is in a downturn right now, otherwise I think it's a healthy company.

For me, what you listed + cvx, enph, mmm

Great, I'll definitely check out the MMM and ENPH results too.

I'm very curious about mmm

It. It will. Big! 🤯

Exactly :D

What a ride! I'm especially interested in Tuesday night because of the giants that will drag the entire market down and add $MMM+0.1%, $MO+0.5% and especially $ENPH+2.6%.

I agree, Tuesday will be very interesting and I also plan to check out the $MO+0.5% results then.

I think$MO+0.5% is in much more trouble than $BATS.L, potentially the dividend could be in jeopardy (I'm not saying that this quarter). Still, this is not reflected in the price at all.