I have $JPM-0.3% and $BAC-0.6%, both I am happy with and then also like Mark I speculate a bit with $PYPL+1.1% but it is not a bank. I haven't included the Czech Republic yet but I'm considering it by the end of the year.

Super thanks a lot. What attracted you most about $JPM-0.3% that you included it in your portfolio?

So its size gives me confidence that I see it as stable in the US, but most importantly its CEO, a few months back I also wrote a post on him here. https://bulios.com/status/104386-dilema-kolem-nastupnictvi-jamieho-dimona-v-spolecnosti-jpmorgan ...I may have written something else on him somewhere but I can't find it now as it's been a lot of months, anyway in a nutshell, he's a good CEO who definitely has a vested interest in keeping the bank in great numbers.

KB, Moneta, Deutsche and JP.

I don't know Deutsche at all, but I'll check it out :) or I'll be happy to share why Deutsche

I have $BAC-0.6% and $NYCB+0.3%

I was just looking at $NYCB+0.3% the other day :)

I have $SOFI+2.5% and $PYPL+1.1% fintechs.

Suoer thanks, why $SOFI+2.5%?

I would say it's the company with the most potential in my portfolio. A very capable CEO who puts his own money "on the line". I like their progression and they will soon tip into profitability.