Expected events: consumer confidence (Eurozone), Chicago Fed activity index (USA)


16:00 Consumer Confidence (October - preliminary): market expectation: -18.4, previous reading: -17.8


14:30 Chicago Fed Activity Index (September): market expectation: -0.01, previous value: -0.16

USA: September state budget deficit of USD 171bn vs. USD 166bn expected

State budget (September):
current value: USD -171 billion
market expectation: USD -166.0 billion
previous value: USD -429.8 billion

Thanks a lot for the info :) apparently it's going to be a down week again

Thank you :) it looks like..

We will see on Friday:)

Again, thanks for the info. 👍 Otherwise I see this week quite volatile again, big results in a general downtrend, so we'll see what that does to the indices.

And I thank you again! I expect the same and we are curious about the indices.