Investors, what ETFs do you have in your portfolio?

I have $SPY+0.0% and $^NDX+0.4% index in my portfolio but I would like to maybe include some Indian ETFs in my portfolio.

Alternatively, vote in the poll which ETFs you prefer the most.

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I do the classic SP&500

It may be a classic, but it's probably the best ETF.

I agree. at least for me personally, yes.

I don't have anything in the long term, but I'm playing with $SOXL+7.2% via Options 😉

I see, it's a bit different with this one :D


I'm not familiar with this ETF, but thanks for the zip.


And from what I can see, the Dow is losing a lot of its popularity. :D

The DJIA is way past its zenith... Holt, other companies are on the move. 😃

Sort of... :D

It's true, and maybe when I look at the % appreciation over the last 5 years, it's terrible.

Holds came in sectors that are more growth-oriented than those in the DOW

India by way of ETF is something for me too, can anyone throw some tips! :)

Cool, India interests me too :D