Investors, what do you think of AVGO stock and at what price would you buy $AVGO+6.6% stock?

For me, it's a great company and the stock has been rising for a long time and in this year alone, $AVGO+6.6% stock is up over 70%. I would be happy to include $AVGO+6.6% stock in my portfolio, but the stock is currently expensive so I would think about buying it below $750.

$1,006.82 $62.52 +6.62%
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She'd be interesting on an 800

I totally agree :)

But I don't believe he'll be looking there anytime soon.

Purchased at $448.

So that was a very nice purchase at a very nice price :)

That was great. I should have taken more 😏

Such a "good classic", but the price is higher than I would have imagined.

I agree :D



The stock is expensive for me. It's a quality company, but if I were to think about buying we're talking $800 or less.

Totally agree.

Also, do you agree with the price, or would you shop higher or lower than $800?

Like Matthias, I completely agree.