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Nvidia NVDA
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Apple AAPL
Microsoft MSFT
Tesla TSLA

It can be very interesting with some nice opportunities. However, I will include CVX in my portfolio from the energy sector and that will probably be enough :D

I get it :)

Cvx is also quite impressive

I follow the company but only a little and I am not invested here. As others have written, it has its downsides and I would say it is hard for smaller companies to break out here. I am also represented here but in $ENPH+2.1% which I think is the top company in the world. Of course it is heavy in the downturn and as Michal writes, I am waiting for a return of losses which should, could happen with the drop in interest rates. Then this bull market could be up again. 😊

I was looking at enph too, it might not be a bad buy now

I haven't caught it around that $80 yet, so I've diluted and trust that company a lot.

Agree with @flpczech, the whole sector is in a slump, for example I hold the clean energy ETF where I am minus 40% because I made a big investment in summer 2022 which turned out to be the peak and since then the sector has been going down, I would just add investing in this sector now may turn out to be profitable (compared to 2022 everything is significantly down) and if it is down now then I would expect it to go back up by at least that 40% in 2024. I'll just wait for confirmation, i.e. the start of the rate hike, to see if it averages down.

Etf is a great guy. Thanks :)

So far, it's looking most interesting