S&P 500 ^GSPC
Nvidia NVDA
Tesla TSLA
Amazon AMZN
Microsoft MSFT
Alphabet GOOG
Apple AAPL

If I were to calculate this on monthly income, I would currently have about 3-4 months income to spare.

I have it down to expenses, not income. So called 6 times monthly expenditure:)

Yeah I get it👍😁

Nice work. 👏


I personally keep my reserve higher due to unplanned deals/expenses etc. Anyway If I leave out work life, I keep my personal life to a near minimum.

I understand,I hold higher because of the children, there you never know what can happen. Just a broken arm like that and when you want a superior standard and a better physio it's a lot to handle.

Parenting is definitely a different story :) exactly because of such coincidences, it should be higher :)

Those 3 month etc rules on a savings account go for those who can't or won't invest, if you have investments that you can sell if needed, with varying liquidity, typically stocks for a few days to real estate for a few months, you don't need any cash poorly interest bearing reserve. The usual minor snafus in the tens of thousands are solved by a credit card.

I understand,but I don't feel the same way :) for example I wouldn't really want to sell any of my investments now. And of course you can always sell whatever you own and have cash. Credit card fine, but then again you have to have the cash to pay it off, so you have to sell something anyway, unless you can't go to work for health reasons for example. Such as a medical leave, which in the Czech Republic is only reimbursed for 14 days. And half a year after the doctors is right away, just one very badly broken leg.