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Nvidia NVDA
Tesla TSLA
Amazon AMZN
Microsoft MSFT
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Apple AAPL

With VW, as much as I criticize their management and leadership I see as a major risk, I have a small position as insurance in case they somehow manage to rake in a major profit from the development of the solid state battery QS. Otherwise, if I had to pick Tesla as my main medium risk investment for the next decade, it would definitely be Tesla. (I also have a small position there, but that's again because it's the leftover after a big sale intended as a possible cash reserve, otherwise they are committed to either safer or much riskier stocks) And only then maybe Porsche. That's already pretty good in electro too, and if Tesla goes the route of mass production for the "poor" then Porsche will have plenty of room in the upper mid-range.

Great, I agree and I see it very similarly.

I have a VOW3, so I don't want to buy a P911. I also have a bit of a hankering for a BYD, it has a pretty decent price tag.

Cool, BYD might be interesting, but it's too risky for me.

I assume because of China, in which case I understand. 😃

I used to have a BMW, none at the moment :)

I hadn't thought about BMW at all, and this car company hasn't come here yet. Most people probably think of it as a VOW3.

That was also right at the beginning of investing. today I would probably not dare in this sector anymore.

Volkswagen 💪

Nothing else appealed to you?