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So friends, yesterday was the last day of the 2023 stock market

Let's make a conclusion here together, an assessment. 😊 I don't want to just talk about the number, whether it was positive or negative. Please feel free to write a few words, sentences, how was this year for you in terms of investments, but also outside of them, if anything affected you. Don't be shy. I wrote my story yesterday here https://bulios.com/status/139800😊

And this is my result for the year 2023. Feel free whoever wants and uses the eToro app, we can find each other there and follow each other, I know with some awesome people here we already have that. 😊

I'm glad for this appreciation of course, but I appreciate more the experience, the insights it has brought to the market. On the same account I also occasionally try and learn according to trading time, on which I tend to be at a loss. By not separating the accounts here, I can't tell exact numbers, but I know there have been more losing trades than profitable ones. Anyway, the long term portfolio held up. 😊

I wish you all the best for the next year. May it be the one you want and the one you make it. Believe in yourself, learn discipline, start with little things like 30x squats, pushups a day, 15 minutes reading, 15 minutes learning a language ...just examples but see the power of it and believe that from little things bigger things are created! 💪 So cheers to the next days! 🍀🥂

Not much investment this year 🤷‍♂️, but I've made some progress in forecasting and have joined an expert forecasting team made up of Forpol tournament participants https://www.ceskepriority.cz/forpol

Cool, that's also a great step in something you probably love. I don't really know what forecasting is, I heard a little once but this is coming around again. Anyway, investments will go maybe this year, it doesn't matter ...the main thing is to be happy and see a shift, whatever it is in. 😊 So good luck. 🍀

What makes me happiest, rather than the numbers, is the progress I have made this year. I have found something that really fulfills me and I never thought it would be economics and finance. 😁
I already have some goals planned for next year that will (hopefully) propel me forward. This time, it's not just the face value of the portfolio, but I've included things like learning a new language, reading books, or running regularly to improve my overall discipline. I even told myself I'd learn how to cook. 😁
Here's to the new year! 🥂

Nice one, Mark. So I wish you well, especially with the running, I wish you to hang in there, because as an athlete and coach I know that the beginnings are hard, but if you hang in there, then you will be very surprised and feel good. 😊 Then let the food be good too, I'm sure you know, but just a little tip, it's good for the girls too when a guy makes them a good dinner for example, it's different than just a restaurant. 👍 ... Otherwise, good luck with your investment goal. I see it that way too, it's not so much about the appreciation, I haven't taken a dollar out of the stock market in all this time anyway, and I keep reinvesting everything, but I see the benefit as big in just gaining an interest that I enjoy, a willingness to learn, to push myself, and I also appreciate getting to know people in this, you ... because it's also important to surround yourself with like-minded people. 😊 Here's to the new year.🥂

Well I'm especially curious about myself with the running, I've always been more of a running opponent. 😁 But the benefit is undeniable. I it's a great excuse to get out into nature. And knowing how to cook at least a little is a great trait. I probably wouldn't be too impressed with my inedible semi-finished products! 😁
And as you say, it's great - if it weren't for this place, I wouldn't really have much to discuss investing with. 😉