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I will add for the world, the US-China relationship is very important. The current situation is well described here https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2024/01/demystifying-the-idea-of-trade-decoupling/

Personally, I wonder if there are any prominent Chinese attending Davos if not being there would be enough of a warning sign for me.

Thanks for the article. It describes it well that none of the parties would benefit from decoupling, which I'm also betting on.

The last time Xi Jinping attended the WEF was in 2017 and it looks like Party Chairman Li Qiang is expected to attend again this time. This could be a positive sign. At least not a warning sign.


Yes, but if I'm reading it right it's dragging the AsiaPacific region investment from the US and EU is stagnant or less.

You read that right. I believe too much foreign capital is the final piece to the puzzle. A recession in the States might help, capital would spill over elsewhere.