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📈 Four familiar faces and their most important statements!🤯

Peter Lynch has some advice for us - Forget all the predictions and focus on what's actually happening at the companies you've invested your money in.

With that said, I ask you, how often do you do an analysis of the company you have invested your money in?

Benjamin Graham reminds us - price fluctuations are not just a spectacle, but must be exploited properly. When the share price falls, it is best for us to buy. When it goes up again, sell.

We all know these words, but we don't always act on them. Do you ever buy stocks after you've already "missed the train"?

Ray Dalio again tells us that thinking independently and being humble is the key to success in the markets.

So by all means don't get swept away by the crowd and take your profits early!

I also want to add a note from Charlie Munger - "Understanding both the power of compound interest and the difficulty of obtaining it is fundamental to understanding many things."

This is perhaps the basic rule of thumb for how to build a solid portfolio in my opinion, using the magic of compound interest! 🎩✨🪄

Do you have any favorite statements from famous and successful people that you follow?

And I still like

Money certainly can't buy happiness, and without money, you're sure to get misery - David Kahneman 😂

Interesting quote, too.

Resistance to a new idea increases with its importance. - John Maynard Keynes.

I follow only one thing in my life and that is to act on my own instinct. :)