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These are 3 public sector companies that pay a very solid dividend

Do Kwik
24. 1. 2024
3 min read

Utilities play a key role in a dynamic market where there is an increasing emphasis on sustainable and renewable energy sources. If you are an investor looking for a combination of dividends and prospective growth, this stock might appeal to you. These three interesting companies are in the public sector, offer attractive dividends and show potential in this specific sector.

Utilities are a key element of any emerging market and the transition to renewable energy. Let's take a look at three very interesting stocks that could be great additions to your portfolio.

Entergy $ET+0.7%

Entergy has become a key player in the world of electricity distribution, with more than 3 million customers in the southern U.S. states. Despite a slight decline in its stock price over the past year, the Entergy continues to hold its ground in the market. The company is actively involved indecommissioning nuclear power plants and diversifying its power generation into renewable sources.

In its most recent earnings results, the company reported sales declined, but net income increased, demonstrating its resilience in a competitive environment. S a dividend yield of around 4.6% per annum and steady dividend growth for almost a decade, Entergy is an attractive asset for investors.

Now, with trading below its current valuation, it may be the right time to invest in this company.

$14.64 $0.10 +0.65%
Fair Price: $07.10
Xlfmab: 71.68%
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Enel Chile $ENIC+1.9%

Enel Chile, Chile's leading power company. is a major player in the renewable energy. Its extensive energy production includes thermal, hydro, wind and solar power, making it a key company in the transformation of the energy sector.

Despite the current pshare price decline, it should be stressed that the company offers investment potential for those looking for an opportunity to take advantage the reduced valuation. This decline may be temporary and reflect short-term effects, creating an interesting situation for investors.

Despite the recent fluctuations in the dividend payout Enel Chile still offers an attractive dividend yield of over 12% per annum. This yield may be attractive to investors, especially those looking for astable yet profitable investment in the energy sector.

Edison International $EIX+0.3%

Edison International, a leading energy company for residential, commercial and industrial customers in Southern California, is in a stable market position, but also stands out for its ability to deliver innovative solutions in the energy sector. Despite slight changes in share price over the past year Edison International has held firm.

A strong annual dividend yield of 4.6% and a staggering eighteen-year dividend growth trend make Edison International more than just a stable player in the utility industry, it represents an innovator and visionary within the energy industry.

Investors who like the combination of stability and growth prospects in the utility industry could find in Edison International an inspiring opportunity.

Disclaimer: You will find a lot of inspiration on Bulios, but stock selection and portfolio construction is entirely up to you, so always conduct thorough self-analysis.


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