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$NFLX+0.0% has skyrocketed % over the last year. In addition, in the last quarter of the previous year, their revenues were up 12% from the previous year. Plus, subscriber numbers are up and up. I wonder if $DIS+0.0% will finally start catching up. I only own $DIS+0.0% stock. How do you feel about $DIS+0.0% $NFLX?



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I only have DIS in my portofolio and I was shopping for under $90. I trust the company but it will be a long road.

Hopefully, he'll pull himself up a bit this year

I hope so too, but I was looking at the portfolio today and I'm already +10% there.

I also only have $DIS+0.0% and I trust them, it's a long way for me, $NFLX+0.0% is simply the leader in streaming in my opinion and will be even more so, but as has been pointed out here, Disney is not just a stream and unless something goes wrong then gradually other segments could start to pay better again. I have an average purchase of $87 at $DIS+0.0%, so I'm happy. 😊

Now that's a good average shop :)

Let's see what they will currently vote, the parks themselves can't pull it off forever. If they don't add quality content to the platform/cinema and can't adequately sell it, Netflix will continue to miss out with its quantity.

WBD probably has the best quality content of the three, but they can't adequately get it to customers, and with the debt, it's going to be tough for a few more years.

I recently read what a shame it is that WBD doesn't publish non-gaap EPS. Then it looks like the company is not completely financially sound, but if you look at the debt distribution, there is no problem. On the contrary, it's nicely spread out.
Once the restructuring (with all the non-cash charges) is done, it will be great. I also believe that WBD will be best able to "recycle" its content in the future by integrating all segments and make the most of the potential (games, streaming,...) they talk about in earnings calls.

Could you please add a source for not publishing non-gaap EPS? Thanks

Or more mainstream content :) it doesn't seem to have that much to do with quality. Netflix has an awfully big draw and that's their reality shows, Disney is now as Richard writes above circling around VR,so I'm curious to see how that develops.