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Hi, I was wondering, what is your opinion on Apple Vision Pro (both the product and also how it may/may not affect Apple's stock $AAPL-0.4%.)

Since I've had a chance to see the initial videos, I honestly see a slight resemblance to the movie Back to the Future :D



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Now we just got the mety ones in December and they seem better, we just tried the applacke ones. Anyway, in my opinion, it's going to be fast in the improvement now, so I'm sure both apple and all the other companies will step it up

What do you see as the biggest differences? I also think that progress will be quite rapid.

In what can be had for free for features

Yeah, there was something like that in the Simposn's, too. It's an interesting product, and I see it the same way Viktor does. I don't really see myself working on it, but it may be beneficial for other things and people will probably buy it anyway😁

It's true, I think it's a matter of time and habit, it's not so long since a lot of people couldn't imagine a touchscreen phone :D Anyway, it's finding its target even now.

Exactly, in time it will be normal and I believe it will boost those sales.

So it's not even that expensive in terms of margins, they'll make more profit on other products, but if I buy, say, an expensive PC, I often use it for work. I can't really imagine how to work on this yet, and who will be willing to have it on their head for half a day.

If it becomes established in the future in, say, healthcare, engineering and other sectors then it probably has a better chance of surviving than as a monitor replacement and a diversion for leisure activities.

I'm sure as you write, they will have higher profits on other products. At the moment I find it unsightly, I'm told it's even difficult, anyway, it will all improve with the shift in technology and I dare say, for example, in the sectors you listed, it could certainly find a use, but not only for them.

Here's a nice article, it's behind the HN pay wall but I unlocked it so even those who don't have HN should read it.


Post if it works I know the one time link in the mail works, but if it can be made available like that by link to anyone I don't know, thanks 🙂




Great! Thanks.