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A look at Advanced Micro Devices $AMD+9.1%!

AMD has seen its stock rise an impressive more than 123 %primarily due to the trend of artificial intelligence (AI). However, it is worth questioning whether this growth reflects future expectations rather than actual results. 📈



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Recent fourth-quarter results were mixed, with sales up thanks to data centers but other segments, including gaming and hardware, seeing declines. The company's future outlook provided some unexpected information. AMD expects first quarter revenue of $5.4 billionwhich is lower than analysts' expectations. 📉

AMD has ambitious plans for its AI chips, but competition with Nvidia's $NVDA+1.9% H100 means it has to emphasize performance and price. 🌐

On the other hand ,AMD competes well in the CPU and GPU field against Intel $INTC+2.5%, with the latest Ryzen series gaining momentum and popularity. Their chips offer excellent performance at a reasonable price.🖥️

With an eye on the next three years, it is crucial whether AMD can take advantage of the expected growth of the AI industry , which could reach $400 billion. If they manage to gain even a small share, it could mean a revenue increase of $20 billion within a few years. 🚀

I think AMD $AMD still has the potential to grow on the AI wave , but also in the PC space. What is your opinion ofAMD? 💹

Are you more of a team player $AMD+9.1% Or $INTC+2.5%?

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I don't own stock in either Intel or AMD, but if I had to pick one I'd pick amd

From a user standpoint, Intel for me too, and I'd pick AMD as a stock, but I don't have either in my portfolio.

From a user point of view, I still stand behind Intel (if you don't count Apple). But $AMD+9.1% stock is up a lot right now and I don't know if I'd want to get into it. I've already sold them.

Intel stock looks pretty interesting to me right now for an entry.

Yes, it's a nice discount after the results and the stock is still down quite a bit. I like the company and think we'll be hearing a lot more about it. I did buy last year though, so I won't be adding to it just yet.