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PERION and prosperity compared to other ADTECH companies

Perion Network Ltd. OVERVIEW

- Over the past year, shares of advertising companies have seen a slight recovery, compared to previous years.

- However,$PERI+0.0% has achieved double-digit revenue growth and is approaching a 20% net profit margin in 2023.

Investment Opportunity with Perion:

-$PERI+0.0% offers a rare combination of growth, value and fiscal strength. With a low valuation, zero debt and growth in weighted advertising segments.

- Plenty of cash allows the company to make acquisitions; for example ,$PERI+0.0% recently acquired+0.0%Hivestack for $100 million to upgrade its digital out-of-home advertising business.

Downturn in 2023 and Possible Reasons:

- Shares of $PERI+0.0% have plunged 13% due to geopolitical uncertainties and unfounded concerns about a breakup with Microsoft as their partnership allows Perion to generate revenue through the Bing search engine. The contract is set to expire this year.

- However, the company has strengthened its relationship with Microsoft and diversified its revenue.

Perspective and Recommendation:

- Despite the downturn in 2023, PERI is still considered an interesting investment.

- Analysts recommend a "Buy" or "Hold" with a target price of around $36.75 (25.2% upside).

Do you think PERI stock's 2023 decline is a temporary phenomenon, and do you see future upside potential in this stock?

$22.75 -$0.31 -1.34%
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