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The problem at McDonald's $MCD-0.5%!

The fast food giant's sales have fallen as menu prices have risen. In addition, some low-income customers have stopped visiting the chain as prices have risen due to inflation.

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The general manager McDonald's But he shares a new direction! 🍔💼 Changes in the foodservice industry are a challenge, and McDonald's has decided to respond!

📈 Despite criticism over menu price increases, the company is focusing on accessibility for all. The main goal is for customers to continue to enjoy their favorite treats without straining their budget.

🌐 Worldwide sales increased by 3,4 %which fell short of estimates 4,7 %. CEO Chris Kempczinski promises to focus on affordability.

However, another inconvenience is the increase in the minimum wage, so fast food prices will continue to rise.

Despite all this, the company offers a nice and stable dividend yield 2,31 %. Their history of paying dividends dates back to1976.

What's your view of the company McDonald's $MCD-0.5%? Do you expect this dividend king to continue to grow?🍔💸

A constant in my portfolio, from which I honestly don't expect any miracles, but it is a kind of a quote-unquote title for me.

I feel the same way and literally like Radek.