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OpenAI vs Google: The battle for search dominance

Jamie Cameron
17. 2. 2024
2 min read

OpenAI is about to enter the fight for the search market, where it will face a tough battle with Google. This battle represents a key stage in the development of artificial intelligence and could have a major impact on the future of online search. Which company has more potential to revolutionise the world of online search and why?

Reports suggest that OpenAI is developing its own search productwhich is expected to be powered in part by Microsoft'sBing technology . These moves are part of a strategy by the company and its management to find a way to compete with Google's dominance in search.

Despite its success in generative artificial intelligence with its ChatGPTproduct , OpenAI will face a challenge that may not be easy. Google not only dominates the market with a 91.46% share this year according to StatCounter, but is also actively integrating generative AI directly into its search product, making it more attractive to users.



$179.14 $0.68 +0.38%
Target Price
155.26 (-13.33% Downside)

Despite the investment Microsoft $MSFT+1.0% in OpenAI and its attempts to move its Bing search product forward with the help of generative technology, Microsoft remains in the search business with a 3.43% market share, which is insufficient to compete significantly with Google.

OpenAI has a long way to go if it wants to succeed in its efforts to build a competitive search product. If it wants to become a true competitor Google $GOOG+0.4%, it must overcome not only technological hurdles, but also change the preferences of users who have long relied on Google as their primary search provider.



$179.14 $0.68 +0.38%

OpenAI offers an innovative approach using artificial intelligence, while Google has extensive data and algorithms. However, for the time being, it is likely that Google will continue to will remain the dominant player, which Google's investors are happy.

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