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📊🚀 What to watch this week! 🌐💡

President's Day - Monday: The US stock market will be closed!

Walmart $WMT+0.5% Earnings - Tuesday: Retail giant Walmart will release its earnings! 🛒💰 What will be the impact on their stock and the overall retail sector?

Home Depot $HD+0.7% Earnings - Tuesday:🏡💼 What will be the impact on the construction and home building sector?

Fed FOMC -. Wednesday: Let's watch to see what direction theFed goes! Although lately the markets don't even care what the Fed thinks about the current situation. 🏦📈 What will the minutes from the last meeting reveal?

Nvidia $NVDA-10.0% Earnings - Wednesday: The tech giant in the spotlight! 💻🚀 Will it live up to all expectations, hit new highs in the coming week, or will there be a dramatic cooling off? What will be the impact on the tech sector?

Jobless claims - Thursday: We're watching the employment indicators! 👥📉 A higher number of applications usually indicates a deterioration in economic conditions, while a lower number may signal stabilization or improvement in the labor market. What will be the impact on economic growth concerns?

Services/Manufacturing PMI - Thursday: Manufacturing and services under the magnifying glass! 🛠️📊 An indicator measuring activity in a country's manufacturing sector. This index provides an overview of the state and development of the manufacturing sector and is often considered one of the key indicators of economic health. What are the indicators for economic development?

Sales of existing homes - Thursday: Real estate market in focus! 🏠💼 This indicator is tracked as an important economic indicator and measures activity in the real estate market. If sales of existing homes are high, it can indicate strong interest in real estate and a generally positive economic climate. What will be the impact on the real estate sector?

We willalso have many REITsreporting their results this week , such as$O+1.9% $MPW $VICI

What will you be watching for in the coming week?

Keep an eye on key events and be prepared for interesting market moves! 🌐💹

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